Starting a business is for some a daunting prospect. It throws up a host of questions that can quickly end up in self-doubt. Am I ready to quit my paid employment and to start on my own? How will I manage if the money doesn’t start coming in? Will people pay for what I am selling? Is it a good idea?

The first piece of advice that we can offer is to try and keep a cool head and treat starting a business as a process. A series of smaller actions that lead to a final result. If you start at the beginning and properly evaluate and assess your business idea, market and potential then you should be able to put aside those niggling doubts and move forward with the process.

So here is our 9 steps to start-up: click each one in turn to start your journey.

9-Steps to Start-Up Success



Summary business plan

Summary Business Plan

Market research

Market Research





Business plan

Detailed Business Plan




The Final Elements

Ready to go

Ready to go!