The unfortunate events of the past year have focused many of our clients’ minds to their Estate Planning with powers of attorney, wills and life insurance all coming up in conversation.

Barnett Ravenscroft founder Philip Barnett previously introduced a system of keeping clients key documents regarding their estates in what he called the ‘BR bible of documents’. This is a service which we are now offering to all of our clients.

The BR Bible is a master folder of your key documents that is kept safely in secure storage at our office. It encompasses items such as:

  • Your wills
  • Your powers of attorney
  • Any deeds for property owned
  • Details of other investments, where they are held and key contacts
  • Details of any life insurance documents
  • Any further key documents
The main benefit if that you will know exactly where all your key documents are at any one time. We can also review all of these with you periodically and update any documents, as necessary.

Another advantage of the BR Bible is that it can help you to focus on your estate planning. Having all your key information to hand allows us to look at your inheritance tax position and advise accordingly if any changes can be made to minimise your IHT exposure.

In the unfortunate event that anything should happen to you, we will also be in a better position to help handle your affairs without the need to go searching for your documents.

Should you wish to discuss creating your own BR Bible, please do get in touch.

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