Minimising your overall tax exposure barnett-ravenscroft-accountancy-in-birmingham-taxation-planning

We have been advising clients for over 35 years in running their businesses in the most tax efficient manner in order to minimise these liabilities.

Barnett Ravenscroft provides comprehensive advice in all areas of corporate taxes including corporation tax and capital gains tax as well as VAT compliance and planning. We will assist you in minimising your overall tax exposure ensuring your retained profits are maximised.

We provide tax planning advice to owner managed businesses in the following areas:
  • Directors remuneration strategies
  • Company vehicle advice
  • Timing of transactions to ensure maximum tax efficiency
  • Corporate structures and re-structuring
  • Purchase of own shares
  • Cessations and liquidations
  • Capital allowance reviews
  • Research and development tax credit advice
  • Utilisation of losses

We have a cautious approach to tax schemes. If you are interested in exploring the possibilities we will advise on the potential risks as well as the rewards.

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