At Barnett Ravenscroft we can help your business and personal wealth journey to ensure you maximise your opportunities, that’s why this client has been with us for more than 10 years.

Our client came to us 10 years ago looking to set up a new business. We worked to understand the business, it’s goals and objectives, market and potential. We advised on all of the commercial and taxation implications of business set-up, providing guidance on whether the business should be a sole trader or limited company.

We then incorporated a company, registered with companies house, HMRC for corporation tax and VAT and then set up a PAYE system for the client.

Over the following months, we provided advice on company cars, the benefits and disadvantages, tax-efficient ways for the client to be renumerated and set up spreadsheets to keep track of all income and expenses.

As the business grew, we continued to provide advice on everything, from moving to a cloud-based accounting system Xero, to electric cars and the changing rates related to company benefits. The implementation of Xero, including training and set up, helped the client to run their business more efficiently, but also allowed us, their accountants, to oversee and review real-time information to provide strategic and tactical guidance. We also brought in pension and investment specialists to ensure the client was fully prepared for the future.

Personal wealth and financial planning

Once the business was in growth and our client was seeing the fruits of their labour we assisted in the preparation of their will helping to demystify the process and bringing in a solicitor to finalise the will.

Meeting regularly in person with the client meant that they felt comfortable to ask questions, ensuring nothing was missed, we met mortgage advisors with the client assisting them to purchase their property and ensuring they had the funds available to make the necessary changes to it.

We also brought in an insurance advisor and again helped the client to understand the various insurances available to them, acting as a sounding board through the process.

As the business and the family continued to grow we were delighted to be able to offer guidance on investments relating to the children and also insurance to provide security for their future.

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