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Long term business and financial planning

  • Knowledge & Expertise
  • Professional Advice
  • Face to Face Meeting
  • Cost Effective

Nurturing long term partnerships

We often hear that accountants should be pro-active and not reactive.

At Barnett Ravenscroft we believe that the relationship should be a long term partnership where we are advised on a regular basis of what is happening in our clients businesses in order that we can effectively advise on financial and tax issues to maximum effect.

We believe that the following are essential for a client to fully benefit from our services:

  • Regular face to face meetings
  • Conference calling using Skype and video links to be in regular contact with minimum cost and time involvement
  • Inclusion in decision making to ensure correct timing and cost and tax effectiveness
  • Inclusion in long term business and financial planning
  • Regular sight of management accounts from client followed by discussions and advice