New British Chamber of Commerce Research suggests UK tax system is ‘fundamentally unfair’

In News by Caroline

A new research report by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has found that UK businesses feel that the UK tax system is ‘fundamentally unfair’ and that firms want more support to stay compliant.

In a poll to more than 1000 businesses, 58% of the responding firms stated that the tax system is ‘unfair to businesses like theirs’, with 67% feeling that the application of tax rules across different sizes of business is unfair.

In addition, almost half of businesses don’t believe HMRC provides the support they need to be compliant.

Following the report, the BCC has urged the government to ‘improve HMRC’s service to business’.

‘These results reflect a strong impression among businesses that the current UK tax regime isn’t a level playing field,’ said Suren Thiru, Head of Economics at the BCC.

“There is also widespread disappointment over the escalating burden of up-front taxes and costs of doing business in the UK, particularly at this time of heightened uncertainty. This has proved to be tipping point for many smaller firms who typically operate on a tight cashflow.”

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