A Christmas video from Barnett Ravenscroft Chartered Accountants

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As we near the end of 2022, we have prepared a festive video wishing all our clients a very Happy Christmas – please enjoy our video by clicking below:


We wish you a very Happy Christmas from all of us at Barnett Ravenscroft Chartered Accountants and we look forward to working with you again in the New Year.

Our office closes for Christmas at 5pm 23rd December 2022 and we re-open Tuesday 3rd January 2023. If you need anything at all in the meantime, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team by contacting us here.


More about Barnett Ravenscroft Chartered Accountants

Barnett Ravenscroft Chartered Accountants have been looking after family businesses for over 45 years.

FOR YOU – some of our clients are now in to their third generations of family and we have worked with them all.

FOR BUSINESS – we are on hand to provide expert advise to improve your business and increase its longevity.

FOR LIFE – we provide advice and guidance around inheritance tax and estate planning, how to hand your business down not only in the most tax efficient manner but also in the best manner to reward and motivate the various family members.

Estate planning with family businesses can be a minefield, not only the tax implications but the implications for the family itself, particularly where some family members are involved in the business and some are not. We have a wealth of experience in these areas to help you make the fair and correct decisions.

Family businesses exist to provide income and wealth for the family, we are here to help you ensure that it does.

Meet our team

At Barnett Ravenscroft we have built a team that consists of individuals who are all highly qualified in their respective fields.
Although our services are all partner led we use experienced managers to ensure that the needs of all of our clients are promptly and efficiently dealt with.

Our accounts and audit managers are all experienced and knowledgeable and provide an excellent service to our clients. They are flexible and pro-active ensuring that clients receive added value from all of our services.

Our specialist personal tax department is under the direction of a very experienced manager who offers a complete service having a wealth of experience in handling client’s personal tax affairs. The team not only ensure that clients are aware of and meet the many filing deadlines that need to be adhered to, but also ensure that effective tax planning is carried out and that clients are provided with the most tax efficient solutions for their needs.

Our payroll and VAT managers ensure that all of our client’s payroll and VAT needs are met efficiently, effectively and on time. They have a wide range of experience in dealing with all of the issues that clients face in ensuring that deadlines are met and that liabilities are accurately calculated and paid.

All of our staff are friendly, efficient and excellent at meeting the increasingly growing needs of our clients.

Get in touch with Barnett Ravenscroft

If you would like to discuss any of these latest developments in more detail, our team would be delighted to hear from you.